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How would you feel left in a dark corner in some second-hand shop, left dusty and discarded in an antique shop? How would you feel if you had a make over and were the star attraction?

Eryka Garbutt Designs has come and saved the day. These beautiful pendants, each a one-off, gives new life to discarded forks and spoons. Thier inherent beauty is there for all to see. Yes, some do need hours of polishing, but nothing worthwhile is easy. While some may be humble stainless steel, others are high-end silver.   Stainless or silver the sheen is stunning. The designs are amazingly intricate or simply elegant with a flowing form. Some enhanced by charms to give a definitive feel. Hung on 18 karat silver snake chains, they make wonderful gifts for that special someone, which includes you.

This slideshow shows just some of the many designs available, some small and delicate others bold and confident, which one are you?