An elephant may never forget and I will not forget how much fun these were to make. Using paper mache techniques to create the shell, do elephants have shells? Anyway with the shell as the a background, canvas, what ever,  and some imagination these creatures have evolved.

The green elephant features in my recent solo exhibition and was one fo the first items to sell. Also received a commssion for another one, which had to be exactly the same. Not really keen on doing more than one of any design, and how do you get it exactly the same anyway. The customer is always right so I did my best and they were happy.

Indian elephant was fun, using lace, decoupage paint and ribbon. Lots of bling and sequins. The high gloss comes from many, many layers of varnish. It has an almost glass like quality.

Floral elephant is a collection of flowers from wrapping paper, indiviually trimmed and applyed. Again, the high gloss comes from many, many layers of varnish. I use a water based Estapol. Has no smell or fumes and gives a beautifll lustre.

Currently I am working on a pig. It has spotty legs and wings. All pigs have wings?

Can you spot the odd one out below. These and many more come under my Alien collection.