Eryka Garbutt Designs

International artist with a passion for recycling. special orders welcome.

Crochet Wire

Using 30-gauge/0.3 mm diameter non-tarnish wires of various colors either monotone or contrasting colors and a very fine crochet hook I create mainly necklaces and rings but also crochet wire inserts into silver bezel trays pendants. Often including Swarovski crystals for a bit of dazzle.

While looking like a delicate cobweb, they are actually very strong and lightweight making them very easy to wear. The finer wire is gentler on the skin, the heavier gauges can be a little uncomfortable. The technique is the same as crocheting wool or cotton but not a gentle on the hands. I endeavor to produce an organic flowing finish as opposed to the uniform chains synonymous with crocheting wool. They look intricate, elegant and make a statement

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