Eryka Garbutt Designs

International artist with a passion for recycling. special orders welcome.

Eggshell Jewelry

Eggshells may seem boring, but treated with respect and color they morph into miniature mosaics. The eggshells are washed and the inner membrane removed. The eggshells are painted, crushed and then mounted on a wooden tile. The eggshells can be a mini mosaic with each piece individual glued with space between each piece and then painted, or a continuous sheet of texture.

Alcohol ink is my elected color medium; being transparent the texture of the shell shines through. Precious metal paint is my favorite as it gives a glorious metal sheen.

Sustainable wooden tiles form the base for my pendants which are the mounted into silver, or bronze bezel trays. Snake chains are my preferred chain style for their simplicity and elegance. They do not, however, come in bronze. Each pendant or brooch is finished off with several layers of water-based varnish.

The finished eggshell pendants or brooches look and feel like a beautiful stone, without the weight or damage to the environment. The very nature of how eggshell shatters means that each piece is unique. This difference is enhanced by the choice of colors.

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