Eryka Garbutt Designs

International artist with a passion for recycling. special orders welcome.

Crochet necklaces

These are very much statement pieces. Special orders welcome.
These take several days to complete.

il_570xn-652178061_c0s1-copy-copy Red and Silver Crochet wire necklace. CN1 This is very much a statement piece, have made several, in different colors for the “mother of the bride”.  They have all come back saying how many compliments they have received. Made from 30 gauge non-tarnish wire, crocheted, it is extremely lightweight and easy to wear. It is 2.00cm wide and about 60.00m overall. Happy to take orders for other colors. Just use my contact page
$100.00USD includes postage
Gold Crochet wire necklace with Swarovski crystals.CN2
This is just a stunning piece. Gold non-tarnish wire only 0.3mm diameter makes this necklace lightweight and easy to wear but sturdy. Like a golden cobweb. The 8mm crystals and 6mm golden balls add to the style and elegance. 3cm wide and about 50cm overall.
$100.00USD includes postage
5199987 630092_orig
846959_orig Silver cobweb fold front necklace CN3
This necklace is like a silver cobweb with small blue beads crocheted into the 30 gauge non- tarnish wire. Magnetic clasp and unusual folded design.
$100.00USD includes postage
67398_orig Teal blue collar with glass beads

This teal blue collar style necklace is beautiful with small glass beads attached to b both outer and inner edge.
$100.00USD includes postage



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