Eryka Garbutt Designs

International artist with a passion for recycling. special orders welcome.

Paper Bead Necklaces

Handmade paper beads that I make uses high-quality paper and lacquer for durability. They are light weight and have the look and feel of wooden beads only better

Blue and silver bell-shaped paper beads necklace with silver leaves. PN1
No one will guess these are paper beads, they have the look and feel of wood. Blue and silver bell-shaped paper beads with silver end cap and leaf charms. 2cmm beads. The 44.00cm long necklace is made up of silver spacers and chain. Only one made, this paper is no longer available.
$45.00USD includes worldwide postage
Handcrafted Paper bead and crystal necklace in black and white. PN2
This is an exclusive Eryka Garbutt Design a one-off design. This stunning necklace is made of 6mmx 2.5 cm long, handmade paper beads and Swarovski crystals.The paper beads are black and white design, which has been lacquered. They look and feel like wood. 12mm Red Swarovski crystals and 8mm Silver Swarovski crystals finish this lovely necklace. The silver chain is 48cm long and finished with a large lobster catch.
$50.00USD which includes worldwide postage
Handmade Paper bead necklace with Swarovski crystals in blue. PN3
The paper was painted by children at the Cranleigh School for children with special needs. It is beautiful in blues and greens. The handmade paper beads have been lacquered for waterproofing and durability. The 5cm long beads are set off with 34x6mmx8mm and 12x4mm Swarovski crystal beads. 46cm overall $50.00USD includes worldwide postage

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